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Yes. Our app is completely free.

The app automatically changes the Price and Compare at price fields of products/variants in the same way as manual editing in the store’s admin panel, but much faster.

The app does not interact with the store theme in any way.

The app discount applies to products/variants that are campaign targets at the time the campaign is activated.

For example, if the campaign target is a specific collection, then discount is applied to products that belong to this collection at the time the campaign is activated.

The app changes the prices of products/variants only at the time of activation or deactivation.

As long as the campaign is unpublished, adding a product or removing a product won’t matter (prices and discounts won’t change). We allow you to add up to 10 products to a campaign

Some products can be targeted for multiple discount campaigns, but only one discount can be applied to a product/variant. Discounts from different campaigns do not stack.

If at the time of campaign (B) activation a product/variant already had an active discount from another campaign (A), then this product/variant will override and the discount of the current campaign (A) will be replaced with the discount of the new campaign. Unpublish the previous campaign (A) won’t apply the discount of the new campaign (B).

You can’t edit when a campaign is published with the status:

The app doesn’t interact with the store theme in any way, so you don’t need to remove any code from the store theme.

However, before deleting the app, you should unpublish all discount campaigns, otherwise the prices will remain unchanged in your store.

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does not affect the appearance of the store

does not affect store speed

no coding skills required

easy to get along with other apps

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